Monday, June 16, 2008

Death with dignity. . .at home

Lowrance Bonner died last Wednesday evening. . .at home.

Mr. Bonner lived in the nice apartment provided by Central Dallas Ministries' Destination Home program, our effort to place the homeless in housing first, thanks to a grant from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Once a person moves into his or her new home, services and activities are offered freely and enthusiastically. However, participation in these offerings is not a requirement to live in the housing we provide. Our philosophy, our experience and our national research teach us that what homeless people need first and foremost are homes.

Lowrance Bonner lived in such a home. Clean, bright, freshly painted and furnished. His one-bedroom apartment was his home.

I did not know him personally. I regret that.

I mourn his passing. I wish he had not experienced the massive heart attack that took him away from us.

As I regret his death, I am grateful that he died at home, in his home, and not on our tough streets.

"Housing first" is all about dignity and respect. Mr. Bonner experienced both during the last months of his life. I very glad that he had his home here among us before moving on to an even more permanent, even more supportive home.

Thanks to HUD and to millions of American taxpayers for making his home here possible.


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Eric Livingston said...

What a powerful microcosm of CDM's ministry! Death is always a time for grief and sorrow, but to know that CDM worked in this man's life to give him dignity in his final time on earth is a moving testimony. Thanks for leading CDM in efforts of love like this.