Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Girl Effect

Take a moment to watch the video produced by Global Giving entitled "The Girl Effect" at:

When you get to the start, be sure and answer the prompt question by clicking on "Agree."




Full of truth.

Any idea, institution, tradition or directive that attempts to limit women in any manner is false by definition. This is especially true when it comes to community development anywhere in the world.

[Thanks to my good friend, Lee Carter for sharing this with me and all of us!]



katie said...

I have seen this effect through my friend who is working in microfinance in the Congo (with a group called HOPE International). The vast majority of the loans are given to women, who invest it back into their families. As an organization, HOPE took an intentional step to not just avoid oppression or leaving women out, but to seek them. To fight for them. Not at the expense of the men in the country, but for their betterment.

What about this country? The developing world is far from comparable, and a much graver situation, don't get me wrong. Women in most parts of the world face greater issues on a daily basis than I ever will in my lifetime. But where have we settled for "not oppressing" when we could be offering an opportunity to flourish?! Places of poverty and wealth, alike...

Donna said...

Hi Larry - thanks for highlighting the cool Girl Effect campaign. Just to clarify, the video was produced by the Nike Foundation and the Novo Foundation, and GlobalGiving is working in partnership with them to make it easy for people to support projects that invest in girls around the world. Just want to give credit where credit is due. Thanks for the uplifting word.
Donna @ GlobalGiving