Saturday, June 07, 2008

Indulge me. . .

Does anyone ever really know the answer to this question about any TeeBall game that's ever been played:

Who won?

Oh, I know.

Lots of people know exactly who won!

My son-in-law reports that he's even observed parents with official scorebooks keeping score! Hard to believe, huh?

But, I mean, really. The point is not who wins.

The point is the little people playing their hearts out together, all the while not really understanding much, especially as they get started at it. It's about running, yelling, being together, having fun and getting snacks at the end of the deal! Community, pure and simple, including grandparents.

I gotta tell you, I love it!

Take my grandson here, Wyatt. In my book, he is something to behold! Even has Mickey Mantle's number on his shirt!

Who cares who wins? Doesn't get any better than this, I can assure you!


Greg said...

AMEN! The true boys of summer.

Justin said...


Have you met anyone in Dallas who is involved in trying to bring baseball back to the inner city? I read an article in the Tennesseean recently talking about some programs to help bring it back, especially in light of the declining number of african american players in the major leagues. Baseball is probably my favorite sport, and its sad to me that this great game is no longer played in our inner cities as it once was.

Larry James said...

Justin, thanks for this question. Yes, we have been involved here in Dallas with the Texas Rangers Rookie League, their version of "Bringing Baseball Back to the Inner City." I coached teams for a couple of summers--it was a real blast! Then the schools in the neighborhood where we were working decided that the kids couldn't practice in April and May due to standardized testing tutoring after school. Real bummer for me. My catcher from those 4th and 5th grade days went on to catch at Woodrow Wilson High here in the neighborhood. He is now a soph at the University of Texas--not playing baseball though. None of my kids had ever played before and their progress and team work was remarkable. People call me crazy at times, but baseball is the ultimate community sport, and my favorite too!

Anonymous said...

What a great post .. and picture. Wyatt and his teammates look like they're having a great time. It reminds me of when our girls were little and played soccer. They spent as much time smelling the roses (almost literally!) as they did worrying about where that pesky ball was.

Justin said...

I would love to get involved doing that here in Nashville. I've never coached before, but I've got rich baseball knowledge, my dad played at Mississippi State and then in single A for the Astros, and barring some untimely injuries in high school, I probably could have played at a small school at the collegiate level. But you are right, its a community sport. In my neighborhood in Memphis, we (my friends and I) spent every day during the summer playing in my backyard or in a vacant lot. Great memories!

Anonymous said...

Larry, when our boys were little and playing tee ball they would ask me who won. I would ask them if they had fun and when they said yes I would say "Well did. Everyone who had fun wins!"

Drew Mc.