Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Undocumented"--the trailer

A new film about to break on the scene likely will be a "must-see." The documentary made by a group of young Americans began as a quest to understand the changing demographics of the United States.

The filmmakers started out with one set of assumptions and, while giving due regard for contrary opinions along the way, ended up in a completely different place. Their shift seems to be because they really got to know the subjects of their study as people.

Funny how that choice and commitment usually changes preconceived notions, isn't it? Getting to know people as people--that is the essence of community formation.

Check out the trailer. Then, tell me what you think. Wanna see the film?

Here's the link:



Chris said...

As Michelle Malkin says---"undocumented workers" and "undocumented immigrants" have plenty of documents---fake green cards, driver's licenses, photo identification and other papers that "undocumented" people create, use and carry with them every day. Not that it matters anymore, but identification document fraud is a crime.

Daniel Gray said...

Looks like it should be an interesting movie... I'll definitely have to see it when it comes out.

Anonymous said...


I've sat across from a 20 year old whose parents brought her to the US when she was 3. She's lived 17 years of her life in this country, her Spanish is weak, she doesn't know anything about Mexico or anyone there. She had no input into the decision to come here. But now she's been raised here and is as American as I am. And yet she has no claim to legal status in this country. Sorry, but your ideological rhetoric is not only ugly and uncaring, but also false and hollow.