Monday, October 27, 2008

Join our fast today. . .

According to the 2006 census, there are almost 400,000 individuals living below the federal poverty line in Dallas County!

Of these, over 160,000 are children.

Further, Texas is "Number 1" in the nation for the percentage of families who deal with hunger or "food insecurity" over the course of a year.

In response to the reality that surrounds us every day, Central Dallas Ministries invites you to join us in promoting Community Hunger Day TODAY, Monday, October 27.

Embedded in our mission and our history is the understanding that meeting the basic, most pressing needs of our neighbors opens a doorway to community development and renewal.

Over the past twenty years, access to nutrious food has always been a big part of what concerns us.

Please visit ouir special site at to join hundreds of other people who care about hunger, as well as raising awareness and much-needed resources for the ongoing battle to wipe it out!

Here's what you'll find

By taking advantage of our extremely user-friendly template on the website, you will be able to set up your own personal fundraising page for CDM!

You'll be able to invite your community of friends, associates, family members, neighbors to join you in a fast TODAY. You'll also be able to challenge your community to give generously to help CDM provide food for people who need it. Plan to contribute what you save by not eating.
Your sacrifice will allow others to have the food they need.

Each dollar donated through this effort will supply one of our neighbors with 6 nutrious meals!

Here's the exciting part about the strength achieved via community: we believe there are at least 2,000 individuals willing to reach out to 10 other people and ask for a $50 commitment from each of them on Community Hunger Day.

The amazing result we believe is possible: $1,000,000.00 raised to fight hunger!

Please join us TODAY.

Go to the website now!

Please let me know if you intend to help out.



Becky said...

i just posted a link on my blog to my fund-raising page for community hunger day. i am really looking forward to participating in the fast this year (since I am finally not pregnant or nursing!) may God richly bless this effort that CDM is making to feed the hungry.

Anonymous said...

Raising money for CDM, I went to bed hungry last night.

I had done at least one two-meal fast since last year's CHD, but this marked the first time since then that I had gone to bed hungry. I did not like it. It was annoying because it was optional. The thing that kept me out of my kitchen at midnight was my conscious decision to remember my neighbors who were going to bed hungry because they had to.

God save us all from greed, and God bless his faithful servants at CDM.