Saturday, October 04, 2008


Wonder how the presidential candidates compare on their tax plans going forward?

Check out The Washington Post article here to see for yourself.

I'm more than confident we have varying, conflicting opinionsabout Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama represented in those who read this blog!

Good to see the two plans in black and white or, better, red and blue.

I suppose I don't need to encourage feedback on this one, do I?



c hand said...

Under both plans the rich are still rich and the poor are still poor. Why can't there be a plan to tax the rich much much more and give it to the poor so that we get closer to equal living standards? Please explain?

Paul said...

Sorry, Larry. The Post article is way too simplistic. For example, there is no definition of what a "family" is, does it take into consideration payroll taxes, etc. I think Mike Huckabee's plan was the best of them all. A flat tax that covers all taxes on the federal level, with a huge exemption for incomes below a certain level. Current plans of both McCain and Obama are still the same old Washington BS that can be manipulated by the Congress and the bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

c hand, I like your line of reasoning. We might as well finish the change in government to all out Marxism at the same time

Anonymous said...

Was there a line of reasoning there? Guess I missed it.