Friday, January 23, 2009

The good power of the streets. . .

Our work is about connecting people to one another to achieve a strength that none can possess alone.

Our work is about the creation of fellowship.

Our work is about faith.

Our work is about linkage with the Creator, it's about the Spirit, it's about redemption.

Our work is about ending isolation and its death.

Our work is about finding life, eternal life beginning today.

Our work is about a song.

Our work is about standing together.

Our work is about the recognition of the raw, human goodness that lurks everywhere we journey in the city that can be converted into powerful community.

Our work is about a song. Did I already mention that?

Hear it and celebrate.

Thanks, Mike for putting me onto this video. You can't know what it means to me.



Eric Livingston said...

I couldn't help but notice that you could just have easily written "the gospel" instead of "our work" in each of those descriptions.

Keep on shining.

Daniel Gray said...

Incredible video... Our biggest sin as a society is in destroying community through the pursuit of materials and wealth.

Chris said...

To the extent that poverty stricken communities have been destroyed, it just might be thay haven't used their God given abilities in the pursuit of wealth.

Chris said...

If individuals didn't strive for a certain degree of wealth, who would stock the food banks? Did you ever get a job from a poor person? Incidentally, who pays the income taxes? Pretty soon the majority of citizens, under Obama, will not pay any income tax at all. Reducing taxes on 95% of the people means that a large percent will get what amounts to a welfare check. A lot of people are always harping on justice, but in my opinion it works both ways.


Larry James said...

Please, let's be civil. We can disagree without becoming insulting to one another.

Larry James said...

Just to be clear, I removed a rather harsh comment from this string, so nothing you see here is being referenced by my comment just above.

Chris said...

Oh I forgot. The Secretary of the Treasury didn't pay his taxes until the day before he was nominated. There is a lot of evidence that this was not an honest mistake. It makes me a little nervous that a man in charge of billions of dollars is a tax cheat. Thanks, Obama

Larry James said...

So, how does any of your partisan political rhetoric relate to my post, Chris?

Chris said...

It evolved from the statment of Daniel Gray. I didn't realize it was partisan to pay your taxes.

Jeff said...

Chris, it is difficult to imagine how you can profess that shielding the rich from the indignity of taxes is somehow consistent with scripture. Where does Jesus Christ defend wealth? I see so many places where he endorses poverty or giving all to the poor, but none where wealth is a virtue.

Exactly what gospel do you subscribe to? Are you a Republican or a Christian? I don't understand how someone can be both.

Tim Timmons said...

It was the unalterable law - the primary great awakening / teaching / illumination / exhortation / and admonition of every great prophet to every seeking disciple - that "We are ONE."

Whatever you do, say or even think about another - especially that brotha' in a social caste you count as beneath you - be careful- reference Matthew 25:38 and half of every other teaching of Jesus.

This is the one in whose shoes you will one day be forced to walk - be it hell - purgatory or multiple reincarnations on a planet with global warming ...

"Let that brother in humble circumstances take great pride in his glorified position before God."

"Go, give all you have to feed the poor, and 'Then` come follow me."

"No man - I mean it - Really."

"Many who are first will then be last and many who are last will then be first."

As I listened to these guys for the third or fourth time, I couldn't help but be grateful that a small snippet of the soon to be crowned VIP's of my afterlife - chose to allow me to vicariously taste a small piece of their earthly experience.

If the Kingdom of Heaven is within me - then the Kingdom of Heaven is one rockin' place right now. I never forward email, but on this, I had to make an exception - When you taste JOY like a kid on Christmas - you gotta share it!

(By the way, the guy with the beard was a Rogue Scholar who ultimately taught for over 20 years as chair of the UK based Adam Smith School of Advanced Economic Theory - then, just like all great prophets - gave it all away to become a beggar.)

Our joy is him leaning on us - and his willingness to do so. These men have known the gift of being leaners - many since birth - "Born in the Ghetto" - they had no choice - no daddy - and mama working two jobs - and the statistical chance of long term extrication still phenomenally low

I'll be glad to tell St. Peter, "Hey - I know those guys at the center table. They're intimate buddies. They let me help tell their story - feel their experience and dance to their song!

Anonymous said...

Jeff - Shielding the rich from taxes? Are you kidding me? I don't think our Government can be accused of "shielding the rich from taxes". I don't want to be shielded. I will even pay my fair share; however, I believe people who believe the way you do apparently don't want "fairness" but instead want to "punish" out of envy or jealousy of another man's success. I would like my tax rate cut, but since that will never happen I am simply asking not to raise my taxes - I already pay almost 40% in taxes when taking into account all the various taxes I pay. I own a company and employ 28 people. Just don't bury me in taxes, please.

Chris said...


I didn't say anything about shielding the rich from paying taxes. You must learn to read more carefully.