Sunday, January 04, 2009

Living on the move

"The crops failed, and there was no food anywhere in the land. So Abram and his wife Sarai went to live in Egypt for a while." Genesis 12:10 + Hebrew Bible

All the factors line up here, don't they?

Disaster hits the economy. The crops fail.

Conditions grow so severe that no food can be found. . .anywhere--talk about depression!

The father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam starts out broke and on the move, a stranger, an immigrant.

He and his wife journey to Egypt looking for options.

You know, work, opportunity, a way to survive, to do better, to find and build a life.


Abram and Sarai were immigrants.

Sort of like another Jewish couple a few thousand years later who fled to Egypt as immigrants fleeing political terror and seeking to preserve the life of their young son and possibly their own lives.

When times grow hard and options evaporate, people tend to live on the move.


If the Egyptians had known who Abram and Sarai were and were to become, had they known who Jesus was and was to become, how might they have treated them? How might the reception have been different?


I'm surrounded by immigrants here in East Dallas, people living on the move, most without "papers."

Wonder who they are and who they will become?


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