Friday, January 30, 2009

Tough choices

You think you have tough choices to make these days?

Me, too.

But nothing quite like this.

Can you even imagine?



Anonymous said...

Strong piece, LJ.

Isn't it interesting, how no one comments on posts like this that get at what we ought to be most concerned about? Where are all the boo-birds and opinions at the sound of the baby in the spot?

Jim S

rcorum said...

I don't know quiet where I fall in the spectrum of conservative to liberal, but I will make a comment in the form of a question. What is the probability that these mothers are single mothers? My guess is pretty high. I think that no child should be in situations like this video depicts, but what is being done to curb the rates of single parent births?

Larry James said...

rcorum, you make a valid point. The "rub" is in decisions about how to "curb the rates of single parent births." We've discovered here that much of that has to do with what I call the "hope index." Young people and young women who have hope, expectations of things being better or even good, don't find themselves in such dilemmas nearly as often. From my view that means providing livable wage jobs, good schools, safe neighborhoods and wealth creation among their parents. Complicated. Challenging. In the meantime, the babies are crying. So, we have to work on all at once. One thing I know for certain, there is a spiritual dimension to this problem, but it won't be solved by preaching. The creation of hope is all about the spirit worked out in a community that feels it has power and some sense of control. Lots of well-meaning "solutions" don't factor this reality into the plans that are offered as the solution.

Anonymous said...

Hi -

Sorry to be a complainer, but anyone that is having difficulty choosing between formula and diapers can get 100% help for formula through WIC. (Also free lactation help if they choose to breastfeed.) If anyone comes to your agency needing help with formula, be sure they know they can get it for free through WIC. (I'm sure you know that anyway.)

Larry James said...

Anon 8:23, no complaint heard. Of course, you are correct and we do assist mothers in receiving the WIC benefits. This video simply points up the needs and the dilemmas of many women and families who are poor and who aren't enrolled in such a benefit. This is a large part of why we are here! But a livable wage job and a decent place to live would go a lot longer toward solving problems like this rather than just responding to them as chronic conditions.