Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CEO: Community Empathy Offer

Here's a story for these times.

A story you've just got to read!

Take my word for it--a story you've got to read.


Chad said...

Larry, I work part-time at BI, and I was very proud of the hospital for doing all it could to keep these jobs, especially for the folks at the lower end of the pay scale. Everyone will feel the effects of the cutbacks, but we're all in it together.

Larry James said...

Chad, thanks for the personal testimony! Great story and a great team of people. Reminds me of the way things should be and can be when community erupts at the workplace.

Anonymous said...

This story is just another example of the real heart of America. We have tons of flaws, but at our core we are a good people. I especially like that this was a voluntary gesture on the part of the higher paid employees.


Jeremy Gregg said...

Powerful story!