Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CityWalk@Akard: An Ongoing Report--Part 3

What follows by video is a continuing tour of our new studio and one bedroom apartments in CityWalk@Akard.

Walking through this building gets me jazzed about the possibilities that will open up for some really great people who need housing or better housing tonight!

Reactions invited!


Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff! Keep us posted on progress. . . Jeff Thomas

Wiley said...

Hello Mr. James Are you working on any affordable housing for the middle class DTD also needs permanent families in DTD.

Dallas is already known as a place
only for the rich and poor. I know Habitat is working on Dream Dallas, but for DTD to be diverse your going to have to have people who make to much,yet make to little and yes I know DISD is a big part of it.

Wiley said...

Larry do you know about


Anonymous said...

It's great to actually see how things are coming along.

Larry James said...

Wiley, yes we work with Albert Martin and his group.

On the little, very rough video, we are approaching "critical mass" on the construction. Over the next few weeks the visible progress will be stunning Downtown.

Cody said...

Larry, what kind of programming will go along with the low-income housing @ Akard? Will there be case management, etc. for residents?

Larry James said...

Cody, thanks for asking. Yes, we will have a very robust conceirge team. We employ a "housing first" model that requires residents to simply live as cooperative, "good tenants." There are not a lot of pre-admission requirements and the projects we develop are permanent housing. The affordable units, 150 in this project, will be for low-income working people. Fifty (50) additional units will be for homeless persons. We will offer all sorts of services, just about whatever a resident needs. Our team will work out a service plan and residents will know from day one that they have friends in the building. In addition to this, we will have 24-7 security and over 30CDM employees will work in the buiilding all week, and some of us will live there. John Greenan, the Executive Director of our CDC, is buying one of the 15th floor condo units.