Monday, March 16, 2009

Conversations about community renewal

Today we enjoyed a serious, groundbreaking conversation involving representatives from an international Fortune 500 corporation and members of our community who understand the real challenges of poverty and urban life in the inner city.

Both parties appear to be serious about the possibilities for change and renewal.

I wish you could have been in on the almost two-hour session.

I left so "pumped" that I had to debrief here.

Love to hear your reactions.

I'll keep you posted about the progress that could mean real, sustainable change in one of the tougher parts of our city, as well as across urban America since the corporation is viewing our project here as a "pilo" to be rolled out to over 20 other major urban centers.

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Dean Smith said...

What an exciting prospect, to have a local company enter into a dialogue and partnership about community renewal! Over the last year I had hoped that, because we're faith-based, that conversation would include local church leaders, but increasingly I see that the future lies with business leaders that want to make a real difference in communities that "lack" the resources for renewal. I find that those leaders are no longer involving church leaders in these conversations, but are going directly to the source of those that are really making a difference, like Central Dallas Ministries. Increasingly, those that want to integrate their business life with their social conscience or faith, are seeking that outlet directly.

As one community leader said to me the other day, "I used to think the answer to eliminating poverty was with the church community, but now I realize it is the business community." Ironically, since many or most of these leaders share a faith commitment, the answer is coming from the faith community, just without the mediation of church leaders. I often wonder how different life would be for both communities if we were all in this conversation.