Tuesday, March 03, 2009

John's gotta blog!

John Greenan, my good friend and partner here at Central Dallas, opened a new weblog not long ago.

I expect that those of you who know John will rush to the site because you know something of his quick wit, native intelligence and great communication skills.

Everyone else, take it from me, you'll want to read his words. He posts something just about daily.

John helped found our public interest law firm, the Legal Action Works Center, in 1999. By 2002, he had created the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation to assist us in the production of high-quality, affordable housing here in inner city Dallas. He serves as the Executive Director.

John loves canoeing, basketball, cooking (great skills here!), literature (masters degree from the University of Iowa in comparative lit), chess, opera (did you realize that in 2007 22 million people attended NFL football games and 20 million attended operas?) and designing and figuring out terribly complex real estate deals.

We are most fortunate to have him on the team. Check out his blog here.


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