Monday, March 02, 2009

Wonder if this would work in Dallas?

Here's a novel idea: get to know homeless people, in this case, homeless veterans.

Work with them.

Engage them as friends with real potential.

Find a way to provide high-quality housing in a good, mixed-income neighborhood and get them inside and off the streets.

Reaction has been mixed to this plan. Just "listen in". . .

"Downtown residents, business owners and developers have pushed for the city to aggressively attack homelessness. They say the homeless panhandling and hanging out in Lucas Park prevents the downtown neighborhood from becoming fully realized.

"But some of those same people say that putting such a high number of homeless veterans into one building is putting at risk one of the city's biggest success stories."

Read all about it here.


Sounds familiar.

Wonder if it would work in Dallas?

Of course, Dallas is so unique, and it sure isn't St. Louis!

Oh, well. There I go again.



Anonymous said...

I am a college student and a homeless man. I attend college full time and look for places to sleep the rest of the time, Studying is difficult. I need a safe place to live so I can have a productive routine. How can I apply to live at 511 N Akard ??

Larry James said...

Anon, call me at my office: 214.823.8710 ext 116