Saturday, May 16, 2009

AmeriCorps expanding at Central Dallas Ministries

Here's the wonderful email message I received earlier this week from Keven Vicknair, Director of the CDM AmeriCorps and VISTA teams.

As you will see, this is great news for us and for our community!

Just had to pass along the good news!

Hello All,

I just wanted to share some good news we received this morning.

CDM was just awarded $731,511 in stimulus/recovery funds to significantly expand our AmeriCorps program.

This grant will increase the AmeriCorps annual operating budget to $1.58 million.

Under this grant we will undertake two main projects:

1. Continue funding all current AmeriCorps placements that we were set to lose under our current grant. . .

2. Fund the upscale of the Congo St project, which is a joint project of Central Dallas Community Development Corporation and bcWorkshop (This project will impact up to a 10 block area by rehabilitating all targeted properties in the area).

We would never have received these funds if CDM were not such a strong organization; so it is my fellow directors to whom I owe a debt of gratitude.

Thank you all!


Thank you, Keven! Your vision, leadership and hard work, along with that of your entire team call for celebration!

Here's one more very important detail: the new grant will mean that we can fund 335 new AmeriCorps positions in our neighborhood. We're getting to scale now!

We love AmeriCorps at CDM!



Jeremy Gregg said...

Congrats to Keven and the whole team. What an amazing day for our community!



Alan Bean said...

Congratulations, Larry! Wonderful news.

Alan Bean