Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garden in the ghetto

Now here is a positive development from South Dallas! Take a look at what people can do by working together! My hat's off to Karen Dudley.

Bed building and planting day took place at Dallas International Street Church for The Garden: South Dallas, Texas. Community service workers from the City of Dallas Community Court came to help the teams get it done and it was a great day for everyone.

Visit for more information on this community project for the homeless.


pkstreets said...

Thank you Larry for mentioning us! Appreciate you and your great work! Blessings, Karen Dudley, Dallas International Street Church

Rhonda & Chuck said...

I came across this through Google and I am impressed and inspired by the gardening outreach you are doing! We are also gardening in the "ghetto" here in east Austin, TX. When we moved here last year, neighbors would watch with great curiosity as we dug the ground and our corn, cantaloupe, basil, etc. came up. We even had police helicopters flying over, like we had to be growing something illegal, LOL. Anyway, keep up the great work. There's freedom in growing your own food. If our blog can help, we post weekly organic gardening video tips to support sustainable home gardening.

MandyM said...

Kudos to Karen Shafer for the inspired idea and for the dedication to putting everything in place and to finding a great match for the location with Pastor Karen! What amazing things can happen when people come together to make this world a more beautiful place!