Thursday, May 07, 2009

One more time: Vote No!

Voters in Dallas go to the polls again this Saturday. In addition to important City Council races, we're being asked to decide on two important propositions.

A vote "Yes" for Proposition 1 means that the city of Dallas can't build a convention center hotel.

An affirmative vote on Proposition 2 will mean that any city involvement in development projects that costs a million dollars or more must be voted on by the general public, a proposition that begs the questions, "So, why do we have a city council?" and "How do we schedule and pay for that many elections?"

As I've said before here, I'll be voting "No" on both counts. It's fairly simple for me. The project will create hundreds of jobs both now and going forward. The hotel will contribute to the continued renewal Downtown. The hotel will attract convention visitors along with their willingness to spend money in Dallas. The hotel will be paid for by bonds, not new taxes. The fact that private developers aren't interested is no argument against the city building the facility. Private developers demand a significant profit. The city isn't limited by that consideration. The cost can be covered and even a break even enterprise will mean big gains for the community.

The propaganda surrounding this election has been amazing, to say the least. Read Steve Blow's analysis in The Dallas Morning News last Sunday for a reasoned approach to the question.

Check out the Enough is Enough organizational website for more details.

And, spend a moment to watch the following ad that pretty well sums up the past two months, as well as the facts of the matter on Proposition 1.

Whatever your opinion, if you live in Dallas, please take the time to vote.


Lorlee said...

I really have admired the work you and your organization do and persuaded to support Central Dallas Ministries on an ongoing basis.

So I am disappointed that my comment has been taken down! I guess because it expressed an opposing view??????? Explanation please.

Larry James said...

Lorlee, this post is not where you put your comment. See the last post I made on yesterday, May 6 referring to analysis of the Convention Center hotel provided by John Greenan. I didn't take your very rational and helpful post down. I don't take posts down simply because they disagree with me. Sorry for the confusion, but your comments are still there.