Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poor outgive the rest of us. . .

Over the years, I've witnessed it again and again: the remarkable generosity of people who have nothing really. We see it in our food distribution center in inner city East Dallas. People receive something to relieve their immediate needs, but find it amazingly easy to turn to another and share from what they have received.

I've seen guys give their last dollar to a friend who needed bus or rail fare. The poor share their clothes, pool their funds and work hard at helping each other.

I know I've reported the fact that our poor neighbors who come to us for various services like health care or legal counsel out give the churches who support us by over 2 to 1. Not really a surprise to me.

Now comes the empirical data to prove up what's back of the anecdotal stories. A McClatchy analysis of census bureau numbers drives the little chart below. . .not sure you can read it too well.

So, here's the bottom line: the poorest of our citizens out give the rest of us by almost 2 to 1!
What does that say to and about all of the rest of us?

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