Thursday, June 18, 2009

Check this out. . .

Working in inner city communities among "the poor" makes one aware of the huge and widening gap that exists between people of privilege and people of disadvantage.

Clearly, we all love reading success stories of those relatively few individuals who make it across, who get out.

But success stories that are told because they are so exceptional, so unique, don't change the fundamentals of the reality. In fact, they prove it up by their very existence.

Check out what follows. One message here is certain: the challenges and the disparities will continue to grow worse.


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Randy said...

This is really interesting. The pace of change is absolutely breathtaking. The CEO of MySpace just laid off 400 workers, and wrote to his employees: ”We need to become a more innovative company.” Only six years old, and now behind the curve!

You can read my blog post about this here:

Randy Mayeux