Sunday, June 28, 2009

Great Depression?

My father was born in 1920. My mother in 1921. They were children during the Great Depression. As a result, I grew up hearing stories about their experiences in those very, very hard times. Unlike urban dwellers during this time, my folks lived on a farm which provided many advantages, especially when it came to food production and basic survival.

YouTube is replete with video posts about the period. After watching and listening to a number of these video history lessons, it occurs to me that the growth and maturation of any number of supportive national institutions since and because of that Great Depression provide us with protections and tools that my grandparents' generation did not enjoy. For this we should be grateful. I take so much, so many benefits for granted.

Watching and listening to events just 80 years ago causes me to respect my family and pause for a moment to be thankful even in this current challenging time.

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