Monday, June 29, 2009

Stuff I read. . .Part 1

I've always made it a point to read weird, surprising, off-the-wall stuff of various sorts.

Possibly my way of thinking has been shaped by my "recreational reading."

When I served as a pastor, I subscribed to Rolling Stone (a few church leaders couldn't understand that one!). What follows are examples of some of the journals that I read on a regular basis.

I've always been interested, no, not strong enough; I've always been fascinated by custom cars, you know, "hot rods." So, I read about them every month. Rod & Custom and Hot Rod magazines provide the perfect outlet!


My interest in mysticism and the history of Medieval Christianity, as well as social justice that has informed my faith, has drawn me to The Catholic Worker. Dorothy Day's involvement with the little monthly also draws me to the magazine. __________________________________________________

Over the past two decades my interest in business, sustainable models for community development and equity have led me to the world of business. Business leadership has been of particular interest to me. Years ago, when I first came to CDM, I began reading the Harvard Business Review. The monthly journal is well worth the price.


Central Dallas Ministries' move into the world of affordable and permanent supportive housing brought me to Affordable Housing Finance magazine. The trade publication provides a quick overview of housing issues on the affordable end, with special attention given to developments employing low-income housing tax credits.

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