Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Update on Re:Vision Dallas

You may recall my earlier report here (December 8, 2008) on the efforts of John Greenan, Brent Brown and our team at the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation to see an entire city block behind the Dallas City Hall redeveloped in a totally green, mixed-use and sustainable manner.

Working with Re:Vision, we created an architectural competition to come up with a winning design for the development.

Well, get this. One hundred seventy-five (175) architectural firms registered for the Re:Vision Dallas competition, and one hundred (100) firms from fourteen countries submitted entries. I find that to be an amazing outcome!

Here's the link to the winning designs.

You can find more detailed information here.

And, then, check out the video below that gets at the basic concept in community re-design and development.

Exciting stuff!

And, for one more report on the effort, take a quick look here.

WHAT IF? from Urban ReVision on Vimeo.

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anonymous said...

Thanks, Larry. I was so amazed/inspired by the 'beached ship' concept of Xero Place that I made it my computer desktop's background. Whoever said stewardship and service couldn't be attractive?