Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beyond community gardens to urban agriculture as economic development

Lots of folks are discussing the benefits of urban community gardens as a tool utilized by non-profit organizations for community development.

But others are taking the idea of urban gardens to an entire new scale, and in some surprising places and for profit.

Take a look at this story out of Cleveland, Ohio of all places!

Your reactions could begin an interesting discussion.



rcorum said...

This is an outstanding idea that everyone should be able to get behind. Many people in my congregation grow large vegetable gardens and share their produce with others. This has been a long tradition in the South, but there is always both a need and desire for fresh vegatables, and a garden in the place of a vacant lot that seems like a no brainer.

dmowen said...

This is a concept that has fascinated me for a while. I bought a vacant lot near Fair Park at tax auction (pending city council approval) with the intention of exploring this idea. Would love to discuss/partner with like minded folks! You can reach me at

Larry James said...

dmowen, I'd love to hear more about your plans! Call me when you have a moment.