Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hard times

Here are the facts:

From January through June 2008, Central Dallas Ministries worked with 25,542 different individuals and, among other things, distributed 277,056 pounds of groceries and foodstuffs to assist low-income people "make ends meet."

From January through June 2009, CDM worked with 31,100 different individuals and distributed 614,522 pounds of groceries and foodstuffs to assist in the "making ends meet" exercise.

While serving 22% more individuals, pounds of food distributed increased by a whopping 222%!

Our ability to serve so many more people so much more food is the result of our planning last year. Included in these strategic plans was our new working relationship with Crossroads Community Services, an urban ministry of First United Methodist Church, located in Downtown. Thanks to our collaboration, we've been able to raise more funds coordinating our work than we could have acting only on our own.

The food we provide families today is of a much higher quality than at any time in our history. The new approach kicked into gear at just the right time.

Still, we face a real challenge to sustain the effort at the current level.

More people needing our support.

More food available to support our neighbors.

More funds must be found to continue.

If you'd like to join our food security team, send your contributions to: Central Dallas Ministries, c/o Central Dallas Ministries, P. O. Box 710385, Dallas, TX 75371-0385.

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