Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Moral Code of the Health Care Debate

Thoughts to ponder, especially for people of faith:

With all of the shouting, the fear, and now what often looks like hatred -- we are in danger of losing the moral “core” of this health-care debate. That core, quite simply, is that many people are hurting from a broken health-care system. They include the 46 million who have no health insurance, but also the many who do but don’t get what they need and simply can’t afford good health...

People of faith need to be the steady, moral drumbeat driving the debate and keeping our politicians accountable. This is a critical and long-overdue opportunity to fix a broken and inequitable system, which must not be derailed either by powerful special interests or by those, on any side, who just want to score political points. It is up to all of us to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Jim Wallis

Read the entire text of Wallis' comments from 8-20-09 here.

Central Dallas Ministries, along with a number of other organizations and churches in the Dallas Metroplex, will be sponsoring the Justice Revival with Jim Wallis, November 10-12, 2009 in Market Hall. Watch for more details!

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