Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Patriot Solar Power, LLC

About this time last year, I posted a note about a dream I thought worth pursuing. You can read my first note about an idea we referred to as "Patriot Power" here.

In spite of challenges related to equipment costs, problems with the current electric grid infrastructure and our limited staff 's very real time constraints, the notion of creating a solar power company made a lot of sense to us.

If we could pull it off, the benefits seemed obvious:
  • New livable wage jobs for inner city residents
  • Real cost savings for low-income consumers in the inner city
  • A contribution, albeit small, to the production of alternative energy for the sake of the environment and the security of the nation

As is his habit on all ideas that have potential, John Greenan went to work on turning the abstract notion into a workable plan of action.

I thought you might like to read his update on our progress. You can do so right here.

Stay tuned. I know the story will continue to unfold.


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