Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1,000,000 pounds!

During September, Central Dallas Ministries passed the 1 MILLION pound mark of groceries distributed to our low-income neighbors.

1 MILLION pounds!

Through June 30, 2009, our food distribution channel had distributed more food than during all of 2008.

A combination of factors explains the rather startling growth.

First, we entered into a new collaboration with Crossroads Community Services (CCS), a ministry of the First United Methodist Church Dallas. We've adopted the robust nutritional guidelines employed by CCS, as well as their "pounds delivered criteria" and their data tracking system.

Second, CDM serves more individuals than any other food distribution site in Dallas. So far in 2009, we have served well over 5,000 more unduplicated individuals than was the case over the same period in 2008.

So, there is the explanation back of the amazing numbers: More people served with more and higher quality food delivered.

Distributing food is essential, especially in tough economic times like these. Savings achieved by families who use our food pantry means dollars freed up from tight, limited budgets to pay for housing, clothing, health care, transportation and child care.

On October 22 CDM will present, host and roll out our web-based "Second Annual Community Hunger Day."

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