Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gerald Britt's post on the President and our school children

By all means, take the time to read Rev. Gerald Britt's post found right here.

Worth your time. As usual, in my opinion, he hits the proverbial nail right on the head!

Want your reactions.


Anonymous said...

I like Gerald's idea of labeling evryone who disagrees with the President or his policies a "racist"

Gerald Britt said...

Anonymous 8:59's comment are a perfect example of the FOX News, Rush Limbaugh method of misreading and misleading interpretive of their critics.

There are plenty of Obama supporters who disagree with him and his policies to date.

The people who foment suspicion; who paint him as something dark, sinister and suspicious; who try and portray him as 'foreign'in order to fan flames of fear and hysteria; the ones who are bringing guns to rallies ; and who are using the 'socialist' tag (quite ridiculously, I might add) are the ones whose actions are indeed racist. They've never done this with a white president with whom they've 'disagreed'. The one president with whom this came close to happening, was Kennedy. And people, especially in Dallas, dismissed them as a 'lunatic fringe'.

The lunatic fringe is dangerous.

So if you are offended by the fact that people who walk around with signs that refer to Obama as Hitler, Marxist, or a monkey can't be considered good patriotic Americans; or that those who seek to stop down public debate by yelling and screaming, and those who get paid to work up the hysteria and fear and the policians too greedy to get back in power to stop then are race baiting under the guise of 'loving America'. You need to know that there a great many in the country who are not fooled and who see it for what it is.