Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Looking for a community gardener

A number of community groups, churches and neighborhood associations with whom we work appear interested in community gardening.

The combination of concerns to develop access to healthy foods, strengthen community connections, teach children about nutrition and the environment and find ways to develop new markets for goods and services drive this growing urban interest.

I've been thinking. Why not hire a full-time urban horticulturist--an urban farmer whose only job it would be to engage interested groups, organize local neighborhood efforts and coordinate the production of great, thriving community gardens?

What do you think?

Anyone you know who might be interested in such a job?

Let me know if you know someone like this.

I'm serious.


Lee said...

Great idea. Jubilee has a community garden that began this past summer. It is important to the neighborhood.

Lorlee said...

Don Lambert does this for several gardens already -- I suggest you get in touch with him. He works with the Asian garden and that great one at the Episcopal Church in Pleasant Grove. He has gotten grants from Heifer. I think it would be good for the City to do it -- particularly in neighborhoods where there are lots of vacant lots. Don would be a great resource.

Toni said...

I think it is awesome!