Tuesday, September 08, 2009

NASCAR drivers counsel "Stay in school!"


Anonymous said...

Wait...where's the uproar..."NASCAR drivers tell students to do well when they go back to school"...how dare they tell my child what to do!...those tricky NASCAR drivers...they're out to socialize my, uh, driveway...I say, keep your stinkin' hands off my car, er, um, child!...the nerve...wait until I text-message my Congressperson... :)

Kent said...

I particularly disliked the part where Jimmy Johnson suggested that students put his words up on the wall and then write a letter about how they could help him win a 4th championship.

c hand said...

There is no objection to innocuous presidential pep talks. That's his job. The problem was policalization of the event.
When the White House did withdraw the original (and I think illegally specified curriculum) Obama lesson plan, we were left with the ordinary and unobjectionable claptrap we expect from our presidents.