Monday, December 21, 2009

Green jobs needing push

Central Dallas Ministries and the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation continue to work on a solar power project in an effort to bring energy costs down for low-income households while at the same time creating new jobs for inner city workers who are unemployed or underemployed.  I suppose that is why reports like the one below from Steven Greenhouse grab by attention every time. 

Elusive Goal of Greening U.S. Energy
By STEVEN GREENHOUSE (The New York Times, December 3, 2009)

The Great Green Hope for lifting America’s economy is not looking so robust.

President Obama, both during his campaign and in his first year in office, has promoted the promise of new jobs in cutting-edge, nonpolluting industries, and such green jobs will be a major issue at his jobs “summit” meeting Thursday.

But, increasingly, skeptics who point to the need for more jobs are wondering why he is not doing more to create green jobs faster.

Growth in clean energy industries and in green jobs has been considerably slower and bumpier than anticipated, industry experts say.

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So, what do you think?


Chris said...

As I have suggested before, check out the "Seven Myths About Green Jobs." The whole green job thing is another redistribution of wealth scheme. Just ask Spain. They got on the bandwagon about green jobs and the last time I checked, their unemployment rate was over 18%. For every green job created, it cost Spain about $800,000 and lost jobs in the private sector.

So if you outfit a house with solar panels it might bring their energy cost down some but the cost is subsidized by the taxpayer because it cost $20,000 to outfit each house.

Alternative energy might be in the future but it has not proved an effective job creator at this time.

As suggested in the Seven Myths, jobs created or often temporary and low paying. A good job produces a good or service that people, not government, are willing to pay for.

If the cap and trade scheme goes through, look for millions of lost jobs. Europe is rethinking the green job myth, why are we eager to embrace it?

But back of green jobs is the "global warming" myth which is also a scheme--to redistribute wealth to the undeveloped countries, or rather the dictators that run them.

Larry James said...

Chris, stay tuned for another post later this week that addresses the jobs numbers issue. It comes from Bread for the World. The problem with your logic is a time to convert and/or retrofit will never come. The infrastructure needs of the US to accommodate the transition to alternative energy and a position of more energy independence are enormous and will create and sustain millions of jobs. BTW--comparing the US to Europe doesn't really work for me. The scale of the market is just one enormous difference.

Anonymous said...

Where is faith in American innovation? Where is the option for keeping more jobs in this country?

Chris said...

With the government taking over health care there will be little innovation as in the past. It seems that since Chicago thugs have taken over the White House, prostitution is now legal in the Senate.

Chris said...

BTW, the press built up Obama just like they did Tiger Woods. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.....

Anonymous said...


The pace with which you spew ideological venom must just be exhausting. But "govt taking over health care"? Whose? The current bill is just a boondoggle for the insurance industry. "Chicago thugs"? Please. Most of these guys are pussy cats compared to, say, Cheney. And when was prositution of one kind or another ever NOT the rule in both houses of Congress?