Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Into the future. . .with impact

Thanks to the fact that we host a large AmeriCorps team (350 members), I was invited to attend the 32nd Annual Governor's Nonprofit Leadership Conference rolled out here in Dallas last week. 
I was particularly intrigued by the presentation made by Andrew Wolk, founder of Root Cause and noted social innovator and social entrepreneur. Wolk has a blog that's work checking out, as well.

As I say, Wolk's speech was important and provocative.  In it he outlines the characteristics of those innovative non-profit organizations that will be able to survive and achieve high level, social impact.  Here they are for your consideration:
  • High impact organizaitons measure for continuous improvement.  Not for funders, not for data collection alone, not to justify their existence. . .but to improve and constantly.
  • High impact organizaitons relinguish control.  Turning over power, sharing ideas, not worrying about credit or even funding, and staying true to mission and people--these commitments will characterize such groups.
  • High impact organizations build bridges with government and the private sector.  Diversification and a willingness to cooperate across traditional dividing lines will be standard operating procedure for these organizations.
  • High impact organizations focus on just that, impact, and always over ego. 
Helpful words from a leader worth heeding. 

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