Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A quiet day, all a big mistake!

So, on Monday morning I left my house for work, not realizing that I failed to pick up my mobile phone.

By mid-morning the thought hit me, "This day is very quiet.  Wonder why?" 

I toured the new building Downtown.  Talked to several people in the office after a number of issues.  Read lots of email, made a few phone calls at my desk. 

Still, I was thinking, "This day is very quiet!" 

Only after driving to into far North Dallas (Plano, to be more precise--Collin County!) for an appoitment that didn't make due a failure in communication did I realize that I had no cell phone! 


I actually resorted to the retail paint counter at a nearby Home Depot to borrow a phone to call back to the office to figure out what was going on.  Of course, the office had been trying to call me to no avail since everyone was calling my cell phone, remember the one that I left at home?

Once I recovered from the feeling of complete isolation and "cut-off-ness" (that can't be a real word, can it?), I realized that I actually could settle into the quiet, forced and temporary as it might be. 

It felt really very nice not being in touch or available to everyone in the world at every single second of the entire day. 

I began to recall the good old days before cell phones were so available to everyone.  I remembered with fondness my first "car phone."  The thing was about the size of a brick cut in half and weighted about the same. 

At first I thought, "How did we ever work without them?" 

Quite well actually. 

And, maybe it is just me, but I think we may have worked more sanely with a much more even stride about our days. 

Could I go back? 

Would it be possible? 

Dare I try?

"Oh, oh, thanks, I must have dozed off in the remarkable quiet of this very strange day!" 

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