Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti. . . how to help

At the invitation of president Obama, former presidents Clinton and Bush joined forces earlier this week to lead US citizen efforts to bring much-needed disaster relief to Haiti. 

Here's what President Clinton said yesterday. 

To lend a hand visit these sites:

The Clinton Foundation (a number of options linked at this site)

World Vision

Partners in Health 


All of us should act today. 

I'd love to hear stories from folks who've done something in response.


Anonymous said...

I like what Patrick Mead said: "I will not give through the government, through government sponsored agencies, or through help lines set up by actors."

Good advice. Government = bureaucracy, corruption and less help for those in need. Hollywood telethons = too many administrative costs and hypocritical self-righteous phonies trying to make us feel guilty.

The best bet is a reputable faith-based organization that is already working in Haiti.

Larry James said...

All of the links are to non-Govt non-profits.

Anonymous said...

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