Friday, January 01, 2010

Objectives for 2010

I've never been much for "New Year's Resolutions."  Something about my history of achieving failure so early in the year I guess just discourages me from making grand promises to myself about what I'll accomplish personally. 

Do you know the feeling? 

Anyway, for 2010 I'm thinking more in terms of "objectives."  That just seems much more doable, especially since realizing my goals or objectives will necessarily involve lots of other people who are part of the team around here. 

So, for whatever they are worth, here are my objectives for 2010: 

1.  Develop a new outreach and equipping center in a strategic location in S. Dallas/Fair Park that will enhance our ability to deliver hope and new opportunity to thousands of individuals who've had enough of poverty and are eager and ready for a brand new shot at life.  This "center of hope" will address nutrition, health care, wellness, hard and soft skills employment training, access to high-quality grocery options, jobs and community renewal. 

2.  Play a part in the development of a significant number of additional permanent supportive housing units for the chronically homeless who at present live on our streets and in night shelters.

3.  Oversee the intentional growth of a dynamic staff of urban workers for the good of our city wherever the opportunity emerging in 2010 takes us.

4.  Deepen my day-to-day relationships with neighbors from the community who provide invaluable assistance to us as volunteers and paid staff.

5.  Nurture new friendships with the residents at CityWalk@ Akard, the location of my new office beginning in January. 

If I can realize these objectives during the New Year, I will be able to look back at this time next year and feel a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  Putting this in print helps me, especially since I know your reading it!  

The next 12 months will tell the story of my success or failure.  I think my objectives are clear.  Of course, the rub is discovered in the work.


Katrina Green said...

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Larry James said...

Take a look at the "subscribe me" tab to the right of the content portion of page and you can sign up!