Thursday, January 21, 2010

Staying on mission

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stayed on mission. . .always.

His brief acceptance speech upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize illustates King's ability to stay on task no matter what his setting or context. 

Powerful words from a prophetic and heroic world leader. 


Chris said...

In your many blogs about Martin Luther King, Jr. you haven't even come close to writing about the REAL man. How about a little truth for a change?

Larry James said...

My purpose here is not to be biographer, but to focus on the man's message and actions on behalf of those who were shut out, kept down and consigned to lives limited by racist policy and reality. In addition, I am concerned to focus on his important role in battling poverty and its causes. These matters and values were very much the "real man."

c hand said...

I agree, this is important HISTORY to remember, Larry.