Thursday, March 25, 2010

Check out article in The Dallas Morning News today about CityWalk@Akard!

Great story by Kim Horner in this morning's edition of The Dallas Morning News concerning our CityWalk development!

Here's how it begins:

Low-income development is changing minds in downtown Dallas

By KIM HORNER / The Dallas Morning News

Skeptics envisioned a skid row when developers first proposed 200 downtown apartments for low-income and formerly homeless residents.

Sharon Denise Tillis, who used to live in a shelter, was among the first to move into CityWalk@Akard, a new low-income housing development. The waiting list has 300 people on it.

But so far, the project, CityWalk@Akard, has not lived up to those fears.

The 15-story apartment building opened just three months ago, and only 10 residents have moved in so far. But neighboring property owners say the project has already improved, rather than hurt, the neighborhood.

To read the full report click here.

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Anonymous said...


Please accept my warm congratulations on the Grand Opening of CityWalk@Akard. I remember going through the empty torn up building over a year ago and was simply amazed at the transformation that I saw as I toured the building this evening.

When you started this project years ago, there were many naysayers that said it couldn't be done. But you were like the humble bumble bee. Aerohynamically its not supposed to be able to fly---but the bumble bee doensn't know it and flys anyway. You didn't know that conventional wisdom said you couldn't pull off a project of this magnitude--so you did it anyway. I for one am inspired by your amazing fortitude. You and your awesome staff have proven that nothing is impossible with the Lord leading the way.

So I say to you, keep on keeping on--you are making a difference!

Signed, David Timothy,
a.k.a. The SoupMan
SoupMobile Inc.