Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Live United. . .worth watching

The United Way of Metropolitan Dallas (UWMD) is moving through a complete organizational "re-invention" with the objective to provide higher impact services, advocacy and community engagement than ever before in its history. 

I can say this with great confidence because I've been in on some of the work that has been going on now for about three years. 

UWMD holds up a brilliant new model in its simple, but profound call to "Live United!"

Inviting donors to donate, advocate and volunteer, UWMD throws down a comprehensive challenge to corporations and their employees to get involved as never before in the life of our region. 

Turning to service providers and community organizations like Central Dallas Ministries, UWMD challenges us to refine our focus to concentrate on three major areas of concern as we do our work:  Education, Income and Health.  In addition, UWMD has set aside funding for "basic human needs" that arise from the current economic realities of our area and from emergency situations. 

One more major policy shift that marks a sea change at Untied Way is the fact that next year any non-profit organization in the community can submit a grant for funding.  The process will be wide open to any group with a great idea and the ability to drive positive, measureable outcomes. 

Working with Gary Godsey, President/CEO of UWMD, his team and all of our colleagues is a real privilege.  But, the best days remain ahead of us. 

So today, I applaud the work of our United Way! 

To gain more insight into the new world of UWMD click here.

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