Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dallas students need your help with garden prep. . .

This now in from Sheri Anne MacNeil:

As some of my more vocal supporters of Healthy Harvest, I am hoping that you will both lend a hand and do some recruiting. As most of you know, I recently started the build out of a community garden at "The Miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue" called St. Phillips School. Since the students will take responsibility for a lot of the garden bed space through their science and community service curriculum, they are not as far along in construction as some others. (Little kiddo hands can only carry so much versus the adult volunteers at the other sites). In short, I need your help because I want to get them ready to plant veggies as soon as possible!

Please join me and spread the word that I need volunteers to fill beds and rows with soil and mulch Thursday, April 29 at 5:00 p.m. I will supply as many wheel barrows and shovels as I can but if you have em' - bring em'! The garden itself is behind the school at 1605 Panama Place. Feel free to forward this email and I hope to see you there!!!! (Kids, teens and adults are welcome!) Please RSVP directly to sheriannemacneil@hotmail.com.

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