Sunday, April 04, 2010

An indescribable Easter blessing

My third grandson, Henry Folsom Frazer arrived, as I've already reported, on March 29, 2010.  He decided to enter our world about 5-6 weeks early, causing quite a stir with his family. 

But, what a blessing!

On this Easter morning, I am so grateful for little "Hank."  I've already had a talk with him, part of my granddad bonding ritual that already has tied me to his big brother, Owen and his bigger cousin, Wyatt.

For me, today, these pictures represent hope and peace.


Kim Guinn said...

He is precious! I was able to visit sweet Henry yesterday! I told Joanna I think I have a crush on him already. Easter Blessings to you a nd your great big family!!

Lynn Leaming said...

May the Lord bless Hank with continued growth and health. He is blessed to have such a loving grandfather!