Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jon Bon Jovi visits Central Dallas Ministries and CityWalk!

Yesterday Jon Bon Jovi visited to Central Dallas Ministries and http://www.citywalkatakard.com/!

As a part of his current concert tour, the rock and roll celebrity, along with the leader of his foundation and his partners in Philadelphia, is visiting organizations dedicated to providing permanent supportive housing for the homeless.

What a boost to everyone at CDM and the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation to have this extremely commited public figure join us for a 2-hour tour.

His humility and unassuming attitude put everyone at ease as we enjoyed a substantive conversation about how permanent housing can radically address the nation's challenges with homeless person.

What a great guy!

What a great experience!

There is much yet to do.


Chris said...

Yes, his band in on tour and he visits the shelters, followed by cameras and media, nice booster for him as well.

He could learn of how things work, or give support without the publicity, that would make his "efforts" more credible.

Janet Morrison said...

I was at the main office when Jon Bon Jovi came in. No one would have ever known. In fact, I walked right by his plain, black van and couldn't figure out why some of my other co-workers were there. There were no cameras, no fancy cars, no entourage, no media. I was very impressed by that.

Anonymous said...

No cameras, no media? So who took the pictures, who reported the whole event?

Larry James said...

There were reporters present whom CDM had informed; but Bon Jovi insisted that there be no advance PR except the efforts CDM would make based on our desire to have his visit recovered. He was truly on a fact-finding mission. The media coverage we arranged because we felt it would help us. He had no desire for anyone to know he was here. He did want to use his presence to help us if we wanted to use it in that way, which we did. He impressed me as a person genuinely eager to learn more about permanent supportive housing and to share what he and his foundation had learned by building over 250 units in Philadelphia. There is no room for judging Jon's motives here I can assure everyone.