Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Shelters and housing

Here are some shocking stats
  • New York City spends $750,000,000 annually operating emergency shelters for the homeless.
  • New York City spends over $2 billion annually on all services for its homeless population.
  • It is reported that Dallas spends $50,000,000 on its homeless population--I have a hunch that number is low when we factor in all costs associated with the homeless in our community.
Quesiton:  How many permanent homes, complete with supportive services, could be developed annually if major urban centers like New York City and Dallas devoted just half of the current costs associated with serving the homeless to that end? 

Just wondering


Anonymous said...

What would keep people from coming out of the woodwork demanding a free or low cost home? "If you build it they will come," free health care, free education, free house, tyranny in the name of social justice is still tyranny.

Jerry said...

Great question. Now, I have two questions: First, in your opinion, what is the approximate answer to the question? Second, what can I, a non-Dallas resident, do to assist you in working toward this goal? (I am a resident of Dallas County, but not the City.)

Larry James said...

Conservatively, Jerry, we could produce 500 units a year. Contact your county commissioner and express concern in support of PSH. Advocate for the importance of PSH. Talk to folks at your church and to people you know who live in Dallas. Keep supporting CDM!

Jerry said...

Larry, thanks for the information. 500 per year would be a great, great service. Thanks for the advice on contacting my County Commissioner; I can handle that, as well as to continue to support CDM

I would like to say a word to "anonymous." I suggest you look at the benefit that accrues to everyone, not just the homeless, for PSH. Do some fact checking and you may be surprised at the cost effectiveness of PSH and the level of benefit to all of us.