Saturday, July 31, 2010

9500 Liberty

What follows is adocumentary film that everyone who cares about rational immigration reform should watch. Check out 9500 Liberty:

Prince William County, Virginia becomes ground zero in America’s explosive battle over immigration policy when elected officials adopt a law requiring police officers to question anyone they have "probable cause" to suspect is an undocumented immigrant.

9500 Liberty reveals the startling vulnerability of a local government, targeted by national anti-immigration networks using the Internet to frighten and intimidate lawmakers and citizens. Alarmed by a climate of fear and racial division, residents form a resistance using YouTube videos and virtual townhalls, setting up a real-life showdown in the seat of county government.

The devastating social and economic impact of the “Immigration Resolution” is felt in the lives of real people in homes and in local businesses. But the ferocious fight to adopt and then reverse this policy unfolds inside government chambers, on the streets, and on the Internet. 9500 Liberty provides a front row seat to all three battlegrounds


Anonymous said...

Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers about $113 billion a year at the federal, state and local level. The bulk of the costs — some $84.2 billion — are absorbed by state and local governments.
-- The annual outlay that illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers is an average amount per native-headed household of $1,117. The fiscal impact per household varies considerably because the greatest share of the burden falls on state and local taxpayers whose burden depends on the size of the illegal alien population in that locality
-- Education for the children of illegal aliens constitutes the single largest cost to taxpayers, at an annual price tag of nearly $52 billion. Nearly all of those costs are absorbed by state and local governments.
-- At the federal level, about one-third of outlays are matched by tax collections from illegal aliens. At the state and local level, an average of less than 5 percent of the public costs associated with illegal immigration is recouped through taxes collected from illegal aliens.
-- Most illegal aliens do not pay income taxes. Among those who do, much of the revenues collected are refunded to the illegal aliens when they file tax returns. Many are also claiming tax credits resulting in payments from the U.S. Treasury.

Larry James said...

Anon 12:57, your data is refuted at every turn by a number of careful studies. Undocumented workers contribute to Soc Security an amount equal to about 10% of that agency's reserve fund--dollars that will help pay for my retirement. What all of your misleading calculations fail to account for is the contributions undocumented folks make to the overall economy as consumers and as mighty productive workers. You narrowly focus on stats that can all be questioned and you provide no regard for the positive contribution of these wonderful folks. Finally, you're just on the wrong side of history.

Anonymous said...

The liabilities, both social and financial, imposed by illegal immigration, exceed the assets brought by the illegals.

Larry James said...

anon 6:20, not true. Simply not true. Try doing a city like Dallas without Mexican immigrants, most undocumented. What they earn, produce and consume make them a total asset. Just because you want things a certain way doesn't mean that they are that way.

Anonymous said...

As usual, someone cites factual statistics and Larry simply denies the facts.

Larry James said...

No, that is not true. I simply get weary of providing data to support my views, only to have you dismiss both the data and me. But, one more time, please see:

And, possibly best of all: