Friday, July 02, 2010

Providing housing cheaper in most cities

The evidence is mounting. 

In city after city where the research is complete, we now know that providing homeless persons permanent supportive housing is no more expensive, and in most cities it is less expensive to the public, than allowing people to remain on the streets. 

The National Alliance to End Homelessness provides examples of this research.  Here's the explanation of one batch of research posted on the organization's website: 

The Homelessness Research Institute used the results of several studies (cited below) of expenditure reductions through permanent supportive housing to create an interactive stacked bar chart that illustrates the relative costs of permanent supportive housing and homelessness (prior to supportive housing) in four cities (Portland, ME; New York, NY; Portland, OR, and Denver, CO) and one state (Rhode Island). The chart illustrates the fact that the cost of permanent supportive housing is offset in most instances by reductions in emergency shelter costs and health care (physical and behavioral) costs.

To view the revealing data click here

Providing housing is not only the right thing to do, it is smart public policy as well. 


Anonymous said...

Larry, if everyone is given a low cost apartment with support of all kinds, what would keep the unemployed in this economic downturn from demanding the same? If you remember, that's what caused the housing burst, people getting morgages with no hope of affording them. Soon, everyone would be demanding low cost housing.

What do you think of Nancy Pelosie's job creation idea? More unemployment checks.

The sad thing about this economic situation is that Obama is doing it on purpose. He has been surrounded by socialist/communists all his life and he wants America brought down to size.

Cody said...

Is some anonymous person suggesting that the current administration actually wants more people to be unemployed?

I would have trouble believing that from a credible person that puts their names on comments. I have even more trouble believing it from anonymous.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I'm saying. Obama thinks America is responsible fo the poverty of the world and he wants to cut the country down to size.

Anonymous said...

Companies are not hiring because taxes will increase in 6 months. The future is uncertain with rumor of the VAT. The Bush tax cuts will expire in 6 months. Obama is the cause of this uncertainty.

If Obama is pro-American why does he go all over the world apoliogizing for the country? He is spending
the country into poverty. Even socialist Europe thinks he's on the wrong road. I can't wait until 2012. Hopefully we can negate the harm he is doing in Nov.

Anonymous said...

Cody,I care not what you think!

Best regards,

Mr Anon.

Anonymous said...

"That's exactly what I'm saying. Obama thinks America is responsible fo the poverty of the world and he wants to cut the country down to size."

You have seriously drunk the Kool-aid, my friend. That is as nutty as those who thought Bush wanted to transfrom US into a fascist state ... no, maybe more so.