Monday, July 05, 2010

Toy Story 3

Lessons learned while watching Toy Story 3 with two of my grandsons:

1)  Recognize that what you do today creates memories, important, valuable, precious memories for much later and for everyone involved, including toys!

2)  Fantasy and play are incredibly important to a life.  Worry about a life without fantasy.

3)  As you move forward into a future, don't be afraid to look back.

4)  Pass along what you really treasure to those coming after you.

5)  Take nothing for granted in life.

6)  When it appears that you're headed into a deep, fiery, hell-like hole; when all hope seems lost, reach out to those nearest to you--in short, hold hands tightly with your community.

7)  Don't be surprised if you are "saved" by people not at all like you.  In fact, be looking for rescue by those may consider aliens.  Consider befriending them before you need them.

8)  Don't miss this movie.  Here's just a taste of it.

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