Sunday, July 04, 2010

Working with youth who "age out" of foster care

Central Dallas Ministries operates the Transition Resource Action Center that serves as a virtual one-stop shop for youth who at 18-years-old "age out" of the state's foster care programs.  The youth with whom we work present a host of needs, including completion of high school, planning for college and/or employment, housing, health care, and new connections to supportive communities. 

Recently, Evy Kay Ritzen, our program director for TRAC, sent the following announcement to her team about an important project that is now underway.  Thought readers here would be interested.  Helping our team gather needed household items would be a great project for a company, an office group, a Sunday School Class/church or a civic/service organization.

Help us celebrate another kind of INDEPENDENCE!

Join TRAC in celebrating the transition from care to independent living for North Texas foster youth. TRAC would like to honor all of the youth who have left or are leaving care since January. TRAC needs to connect with these young adults and knows that these young men and women have many needs to equip their new living space as they move into their new living arrangements. We need your help to get them connected and their WISH LISTS to TRAC in the next few weeks.

TRAC is working with volunteers and community organizations to collect items on the WISH LISTS and will host several Independence Days in late July and early August to distribute the household items and school supplies. We even have matress sets from Sleep Experts!!

In order to get this process moving, TRAC needs to identify all youth who are leaving care or have left care between January-September 2010. Attached to this e-mail, you will see our “Independence Day Wish List.” Please use this form to refer emancipating youth to TRAC. Discuss the list with any youth who meet this critera and get the WISH LIST back to TRAC as soon as you can. To plan adequately, we ask they we get them back by Monday, July 13th. You can email them to Amanda Vining

( , TRAC’s summer Exxon Mobile intern who will be coordinating Independence Day, or fax the completed form to TRAC (214-370-9305).

TRAC Staff will then be in touch with the youth and coordinate the Independence Day date and location that is the best fit for each youth.

Thank you for contributing to the success of our youth!

Here is the list of suggested items for donation:

Cleaning/Laundry Supplies:
Roller Mop
Broom with Dustpan
Bathroom cleaner
Glass Cleaner
Dishwashing Liquid
Trash Can
Garbage Bags
Laundry Basket
Laundry Detergent
Dryer Sheets
Paper towels

Drinking Glasses

Kitchen Items
Sauce Pan
Baking Sheet
Cutting Board
Mixing Bowl
Can opener
Measuring Cups
Kitchen Utensils
Sharp Knife
Dish Towel
Hot Pad
Aluminum Foil
Cling Wrap
Ziploc Bags

Sheet Set
Mattress Pad
Twin Mattress Set

Bathroom Supplies
Hand Towel
Shower Curtain Liner
Shower Curtain Rings
Bath Rug
Toilet Paper
Shower Caddy

Clock Radio
Tool Kit
First Aid Kit
Sewing Kit
Ironing Board

Occasionally TRAC receives additional donations that could be of value to our young people moving into their first apartment. Please make note of additional items that could be a blessing to our youth at this time in their transition:
Dining Table and Chairs
Coffee Machine

To participate in this move toward independence call us at 214 370-9300. Or, call us toll free at 866-466-8722.

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