Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Headlines to hope for. . .2011

On New Year's Day, The Dallas Morning News' editorial board published a creative, lead opinion piece containing headlines the group hoped to see during the coming year. 

It got me thinking about news reports that I'd really like to read during 2011. 

How about you?  What stories would you hope to read? 

Here's my partial wish list of the news I hope and pray we can make together as a community over the next 12 months:

1.  State legislature crafts fully funded health and human services approach.

2.  Childrens' Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expands enrollment to cover 95% of eligible children statewide.

3.  Medicaid to include more robust mental health benefits for patients.

4.  Kidney dialysis funds found for Medicaid patients in Dallas County.

5.  Collin and Denton Counties fully fund residents who access care at Parkland.

6.  North Texas Food Bank receives record funding, lowers shared maintenance fees for partner food pantries.

7.  North Central Texas destined to become alternative, green energy capitol of U. S.--thousands of new jobs created for unemployed workers living in inner city neighborhoods.

8.  Dallas County provides green job work skills training to 5,000 workers.

9.  Business tax credits established in state for green energy projects.

10.  DART bond funds major expansion of light rail system across region.

11.  City steps up, affordable housing development for poor and formerly homeless to set records through 2015.

12.  Homelessness cut by 50% thanks to community coordination and council leadership.

13.  DISD adopts principal as CEO management plan, hundreds of mid-level, non-campus positions eliminated.

14.  Community health workers drive improvement in diabetes and obesity among youth.

15.  D.R.E.A.M. Act signed into law by President Obama!

16.  Faith communities ban together to battle poverty in Dallas--plans include new approaches to service, lobbying and educating memberships

17.  Teen pregnancy drops sharply in 2011

18.  Average wage rises among low-income, working residents

19.  Reading scores soar as schools and parents craft creative new learning partnerships

20.  Texas Rangers win team's first World Series in six games!


Arlene Kasselman said...

I loved reading your headlines. Its amazing what a difference a little hope makes.

Chris said...

1. I hope the government will get off our back, for example, telling us what to eat.

2. Stop spending! The country is on the way to bankrupcy.

3. Stop the "green" BS. Global warming is a hoax.

4 Stop the earmarks.

5. Stop citizenship just because you were born here, if parents were illegal. It just encourages more illegal immigration.

6.Enforce e-verify.

7. Defund Obamacare--it will ruin the entire healthcare system.

8.Work to defeat Obama in 2012.

9. The new members of congress will stand true to their principles or out they go.

10. Hold our public servants accountable.

11. Less government, more freedom. We don't need a nanny.

12. A public servant should have experience in running something, even if it's only a lemonade stand.

13. Communist should never be part of the administration.