Friday, February 18, 2011

You can help today. . .

Fact:  During 2010, CitySquare served, touched, supported, partnered with over 53,000 DIFFERENT individuals to see real improvement in their lives. 

Fact:  CitySquare exists to engage "the poor" in crafting better lives for themselves and, in most cases, their children.

Fact:  Hunger and worry about what to put on the table remains a real, pressing issue for far too many Dallas area families and individuals.

Fact:  For more than two years now CitySquare has seen long lines around our Food Pantry, as more and more families depend on our presence to meet their food/grocery needs.

Fact:  The quality of our food products has improved dramatically so that now we distribute fresh produce on a daily basis. 

Fact:  All that we do demands a steady stream of funding.

Fact:  You can help today!

Here's how:

1)  Visit or click here right now:  DONATE.

2)  Commit to become a monthly donor.

3)  Join the "1,000 Voices Campaign"--for information contact me at or call me at 214.303.2116.

4)  Walk with us over the next 10 days by making a contribution that will enable CitySquare to raise $10,000 by Tuesday, March 1, 2011!

5)  Very importantForward this post to all of your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, other social media, email contact lists and on blogs.

Don't wait!  You can make a huge difference right now!


Dallaswatchdog said...

Looks like your "thin skinned" demeanor has just about killed your blog!

Larry James said...

Dallaswatchdog, not so much my thin skin as it is that I'm just pretty boring! Thanks for your opinion. BTW--numbers have remained the same on my counter for a long time.

Dallaswatchdog said...

I was judging by the number of comments.

Dallaswatchdog said...

I will stand by my earlier comment.You have re-instituted the Anonymous log on again. This is at least the second time I have seen this cycle. Moreover, you have taken away your Prescreen moderator policy.

No offense, but all-in-all, "thin skin" is an appropriate label!

Larry James said...

Dallaswatchdog, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Do you have a blog? Best regards.

Anonymous said...

You are a hoot, Dog! I don't know of many people less thin skinned than Larry. He will hear out just about anyone on just about any topic and is often the subject of mean and vindictive rants on his own blog. Is it just the fact that he 'fights back' that somehow makes him thin skinned in your eyes?

Anonymous said...

Watchdog, I've noted over the years that James only reacts/pushes back, gets miffed when someone belittles poor people or the proven methods that really assist them. Possibly you could decide to read him more carefully?

Anonymous said...

Anon 507, I don't really care to read much that he puts out. Perhaps he should come out of the closet with the conservative Christian groups that support him, and admit to his liberation Theology and saul Alinsky preferences.

I have seen his thin skinned ways in person.