Sunday, April 03, 2011

6th Grade Graduation or something like it!

So, I've noticed that time rushes on.

There is no space for standing still.

The funny thing is, while time elapses quickly, a moment at a time, we seldom take careful note until the realization arrives: I'm getting a lot older!

The photo below pictures a graduation ceremony of some sort, most likely that perilous transition from elementary school to junior high!

Just for the record, that's me standing third from the left between Jimmy Foster and Jane Baker (I think).  My best buddy back then, Stan Holmes, is first from the left.  Don't we all look happy!  Maybe, just maybe on this auspicious occasion we were in touch with the fact that time was slipping past us.  Maybe or maybe not.  Clearly, if we had an inkling, we suppressed it quickly as we went about the business of "growing up," whatever that means!


louise said...

i think that might be me (louise trammell) on the far right ???? what do you think????

Anonymous said...

Love it, Larry!