Sunday, April 10, 2011

Charlie Broom

There's just something about a coach.

Charlie Broom was mine.

He coached linemen, both offensive and defensive at Richardson High School when I was there.  Coach died a few weeks ago.  He was 83. 

Charlie was more than just a coach in my life.  For a number of years he served as an elder at the Richardson East Church of Christ while I served as the Senior Minister. 

Funny how life works out. 

From the time I was 15 until I was 18, Coach Broom played a key part in my life.  Under his direction and that of head coach Joe Simpson, the Richardson High School Eagles worked our way to the Texas state semifinals where we were smashed by the team from Abilene Cooper 42-7.  We played that game in the Cotton Bowl, our second game in the venue that year.  We played before 42,000 fans in the  quarter finals against Bryan Adams High School.  What a magical year. 

Coach Broom got us there. 

Charlie loved kids. 

"Hey, babe," he would greet us whenver he saw any of us.  And, he greeted me with that term of endearment when I was his minister. 

Charlie made people better.  I don't know what tribute tops that one. 

We will miss him.  We are grateful we knew him. 

Thanks, Coach.  Rest in your well-deserved peace.

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Mama de Ryan and Zane said...

Wow. He sounds like a very special man. Kind of like somebody else we know . . .